Week 34 of pregnancy

34 weeks of pregnancy: fetal development, weight, movement

Eight and a half months, 34 weeks. The child’s weight is already more than two kilograms, approximately 2200 g. And in length, 45 cm.

In volumes, it also continues to grow: the thorax and the belly already reach 87.3 and 90 mm, and the diameter of the head is 84 mm.

Although the child is now more limited in his movements, it is necessary to take into account his movements. As a general rule, one movement every ten minutes is normal. If the number of disturbances is significantly greater or markedly less than the norm, placental insufficiency is not excluded.

34 weeks of gestation: fetal development. Although at this time the blood supply to the placenta is already decreasing and the placenta begins to gradually dry up, it continues to produce the hormones responsible for breastfeeding. The thickness of the placenta at this point is approximately 33.89 mm.

Calcium, which in recent weeks is actively deposited in the child’s bones, is still necessary. But now it is important not to exaggerate. Because its excess can cause the bones are not flexible enough, and this can cause injury to the fetus during delivery.

34 weeks of pregnancy: feelings of the woman

Naturally, now you often think about the next birth. There is less time left until the designated date and you are sensitively listening to your feelings.

This month remaining before birth really needs to be experienced. Many deep down feel the fear of childbirth. Some of the women are worried that being overweight can lead to some complications during childbirth. Another frail physicist worries that she can not have a child alone.

But long before the birth, the doctor calculates the proportion of the fetus and the size of the pelvis. And if there was a problem, I would probably have told you. In addition, it is important to understand that the size of the pelvis correlates with your height, and even with a narrow pelvis there is every possibility of having a baby yourself. In addition, the modern approach to childbirth allows us to solve this problem without a cesarean section.

Now the lower part of the uterus is 34 cm from the pubic symphysis. Naturally, their bodies can not help feeling a greater pressure on them. There is a feeling that you do not have enough air. This is due to the narrowness of the diaphragm. And you need to straighten and lift your shoulders to get the lost oxygen. Again the vascular system suffers. As a result, varicose manifestations become more visible. The digestive system also reminds itself from time to time. There is often heartburn, constipation, pain in the right hypochondrium.

34 weeks of pregnancy: feelings of the woman Continue counting the movements of the child on a daily basis. Within an hour there must be four or six. As a general rule, noticeable deviations from the norm (more frequent or less frequent movements) cause caution. Be sure to consult your doctor. This symptom speaks of intrauterine discomfort of the child. Something is wrong.

Pay the shot to your condition. If you notice an increase in swelling in the legs and arms, it is possible that the dropsy of pregnant women is progressing. The fact is that the swelling you see may only be the tip of the iceberg. This can happen on the inside, tightening the blood vessels and, therefore, disrupting the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the placenta. In later periods, this disease can even lead to the death of a child. The regular observation of a doctor in this case is extremely necessary for you and your baby.

34th week of gestation: secretion of the genital tract

In the later stages of pregnancy, when the cervix is ​​opened and the uterus becomes loosened, the risk of infection increases. Therefore, watch your secretions very carefully. Secretions like scales can talk about the development of candidiasis. It is accompanied by itching. If you notice the appearance of pus in the secretion, it is possible that there are staphylococci or streptococci in the vagina. Similar symptoms occur when E. coli is ingested.

The blood in the secretion can speak of placental detachment. Although in some cases there is no bleeding, it is just a bruise that arises inside. And in some cases, the woman feels a pain in her stomach in a particular place. If you do not see a doctor and there is a placental abruption in a large area, the baby’s oxygen supply may stop. Now you understand how important it is to prevent such event development over time.

No less dangerous for the child’s life and the premature discharge of amniotic fluid. Sometimes, this is preceded by contractions, so we are talking about premature labor. But sometimes infections of the genital tract can also cause a leak of amniotic fluid. In both cases, you should seek medical attention and undergo additional tests.

Week 34 of pregnancy: nutrition of the pregnant woman

At this time, many women notice swelling in their legs and arms. If at the same time the body weight increases too fast, it is necessary to amend your diet again. With edema, it is recommended to calculate the amount of fluid you consume per day (including water, tea and soups) and the amount of fluid that is excreted in the urine. A very special urine test that probably prescribed in the second trimester of pregnancy. What is it to understand? How much liquid is not excreted? And if necessary, you will have to organize some days of fasting. For example, “apple”, “cottage cheese”.

It is advisable to overload food at least partially to reduce salt intake. Since it retains fluid in the body. And in your situation now it is undesirable. To relieve your condition, it is best to avoid heavy meals. So instead of fried meat or fish, it is better to prefer boiled or steamed. If you choose porridge, it is better to avoid rice. She also causes constipation during pregnancy. Oats or barley in this sense is easier to digest. The lactic acid products are now simply shown to you. They improve digestion and only benefit. It’s true, in some cases it can cause heartburn. Sweets, if you can not refuse them, it is better to replace dried fruits, even if they are in chocolate.

The beet has a slight laxative effect.

Now you must be very moderate when you take vitamins, especially with calcium. At this stage, the calcium that comes with dairy products is enough for you. The fact is that with an excess of calcium, the bones of the newborn become stronger and less flexible. And during delivery, this could cause birth injuries.

Among the beneficial vitamins are vitamin K (found in Brussels sprouts, kale, walnuts and green tea), vitamin C, vitamin E (in vegetable oils). They are necessary to prevent premature birth, bleeding and, in addition, are needed to prepare the baby’s lungs.

Week 34 of pregnancy: preparation for childbirth

Weekly visit to a gynecologist. And already acquired everything necessary for childbirth, including diapers, vests, sliders, hats. If your mother still remembers that the children in the maternity hospital used to be involved, now everything is different. Often, the children of the first or second day are dressed immediately with quilted shawls.

Do not hesitate to ask your doctor what misunderstanding. Now he can not be hampered by the security of having thought of everything and taking everything into account. At least there is still time to prepare.

It is better to think before the birth of the child, where your bed will be located and everything you will need at the beginning.

It would not be superfluous to collect at least the things you need at the right time on the way to the maternity ward. In this case, you will feel more at ease and will not condemn your family to quickly find the things you need.

Week 34 of pregnancy  Ultrasound

If you were afraid of a possible placenta before that, in the next ultrasound exam you can see that the diagnosis was withdrawn. Now, if a hemorrhage occurs, the only reason for this is the detachment of the placenta.

A child in the womb is awake and does not always sleep at the same time as the mother. Their rhythms may differ. The proportions of the baby’s body have changed a little, it is gaining weight. The baby’s head is still bigger than his body. And the bones of the skull are still soft.

Detailed video of week 34 of pregnancy


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