42 weeks of pregnancy

42 weeks of pregnancy: pregnancy postponed?

It is believed that the pregnancy to date has not yet been postponed. But it does not reach a tenth of pregnant women. What are the causes of pregnancy delayed until 42 weeks? This question arises in women who face this. Most likely, something happened during the pregnancy. Sometimes, the cause may be an insufficient amount of amniotic fluid, sometimes some kind of alteration in the environment or in the child’s body. This can be the dryness of your skin, abnormally shaped skull bones, muddy water, etc. Maybe the lethargy of the uterus and the cervix. And most of the time, these problems can arise if the first pregnancy is postponed too long, at the age of thirty.

Now everything that helps stimulate the uterus is perfectly acceptable. In Eastern practices, it is believed that lethargy arises due to the lack of Fire energy (Yang). Then, to add energy to yourself, you can allow yourself some spicy and hot food. Sharp and hot is considered to have Yang energy.

The weight of the baby is already 50-53 cm, and the weight is quite possible, more than 3500 grams.

The baby keeps growing. However, due to the lack of nutrients provided by the drying placenta, the weight does not increase as quickly.

For the last three or four weeks, you have tried not to get carried away by calcium-rich foods. The fact is that due to an excess of calcium, the bones of the child, including the bones of the skull, can become harder and less flexible. This complicates the process of childbirth and can cause injury in the delivery of the baby. Although it is already very close in the uterus, it is quite active. Constantly track your status.

Week 42: Feelings of a woman

Now you must be under the supervision of doctors. Since the delay can have a negative impact on the state of the child and the state of the mother. You should not wait passively for delivery, you must use all known methods to stimulate the activity of the uterus. After all, it is possible that one of the causes of delayed delivery is lethargy and underdevelopment of the cervix.

Week 42: nutrition of the pregnant woman

In principle, there are no big changes. It is only important to limit the intake of calcium, since excessive healing of the child’s bones can cause birth injuries. If doctors warn about a possible operation, some of the products are also prohibited. Therefore, it is worth consulting with your doctor what should be excluded from the usual menu these days.

42 weeks of pregnancy Ultrasound

At this time it is necessary to undergo a Doppler ultrasound. This will allow to examine in detail the state of the child and the placenta, to evaluate the volume and quality of the amniotic fluid. Knowing this, doctors will at least be able to assess preliminarily the risks to the life of the mother and the baby.

Maybe there is still time to wait for natural childbirth. And at this time you can try to improve the tone of the uterus with the available methods. Then, even with the first contractions, it is recommended to stimulate the nipples, since this causes uterine contractions. Similarly – aromatherapy. The oils, contraindicated in pregnancy (patchouli, rosemary, etc.), are now adequate, since they cause a similar effect: they increase the tone of the uterus.

To soften the uterus, you can resort to enemas with the same castor oil. Sexual intercourse will also be useful for a long-awaited resolution, which will also help increase the tone of the uterus.

The main thing is not to get depressed. Among the children born in week 42 and until a little later, there are no deviations in the state of health.

It is important to closely monitor your condition before birth. The placenta is getting older and the child may experience hypoxia. As a result of the suffering of the fetus, the meconium is released into the amniotic fluid. And this is loaded with complications in the baby’s condition.

Therefore, free yourself from panic and make decisions calmly. After all, the main thing is your health and your baby.
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