41 weeks of pregnancy

Week 41: fetal development, weight, agitation

Surely emotion has already run out: the fortyth week has passed, and there are no births at all! It happens, wrong in the calculations. But even if the reason is not the case, up to 42 weeks is still within the normal range.

Baby by birth is pretty smart. Your organs and systems are ready for independent work. At this time, its weight is approximately 3500 g, and its height is 52-54 cm. The subcutaneous fat has accumulated all this time, so that the baby has rounded noticeably, in the area of ​​the folds is still covered with original lubricant. Meconium has accumulated in the baby’s intestines, which should ideally come out a few hours after birth. Otherwise, if your particles fall into the amniotic fluid, complications can occur.

The placenta keeps aging and thinning. She no longer separates the body of the child and the mother so closely. On the one hand, the barrier that protects the baby from the external environment no longer performs its tasks. On the other hand, antibodies from the mother’s body are transmitted through the blood to the child, and this is similar to natural vaccination to strengthen the baby’s immunity.

41 weeks of pregnancy: feelings of the woman

If until the fortieth week he was counting the days in which the delivery arrives, now he has fallen in the anguish. What happened? Listen carefully to your feelings, but until now you do not notice anything special.

You keep listening to the movements of the baby. You are worried about your condition. The placenta is dried every day and its ability to supply nutrients and oxygen to the child decreases markedly. The speed of movement during the hour remains the same: at least once every ten minutes.

There is no need to get depressed and draw horrible images in your imagination. In principle, the birth of a child in week 41 is also considered normal. Maybe they just made a mistake in the calculations. The main thing is to stay calm and, if possible, a benevolent attitude towards life. In the end, he only trusts nature. It is possible that your baby still needs to spend these days in the womb.

41 weeks of pregnancy: secretion of the genital tract

Light, with a slight sour smell of secretion, is still considered the norm. Maybe now or very soon the mucus plug can come off. This suggests that everything is going according to plan and natural birth is not very long. All this time you are in the maternity ward, so any changes in your condition and the baby’s condition are monitored by experts.

41 weeks of pregnancy: nutrition of the pregnant woman

In principle, the nutritional recommendations this week are almost the same. Now you need protein-rich foods, and these are dairy products, fish. And more of the right carbohydrates. Correct – means complex carbohydrates. All kinds of cereals. Since it is recommended to clean the intestines before delivery, it is recommended that the products you use contain fiber and also help with this. Fiber is in vegetables and fruits.

Perhaps, in this period it is not superfluous to replace the usual tea with herbal tea. Therefore, it is believed that the reception in the last month of the pregnancy decoction of the raspberry leaves stimulates the uterus, and therefore, gives birth.

There are methods to stimulate contractions of the uterus and in acupressure. Although, if there is no threat to the child’s condition, it is considered that interventions are not required. I need to wait. However, with delayed work, it is possible to act on some points and, therefore, to stimulate them: point LI 4 is in the palm of the hand at the base of the thumb.

To find it, you must mentally draw a line through the middle of the index finger and the middle of the thumb, there is a point of pain at the intersection of these lines. This is LI 4. The second GB 21 point is located on the outer sides of the clavicle. And point BL67 is in the foot, in the region of the nail plate in the little finger.

A similar effect, the stimulation of the uterus, provides a massage around the lips and the wings of the nose. This method of facial reflexology refers to contraceptive methods, since massage in this area causes contractions of the uterus. But if such massage is contraindicated during pregnancy, since it can cause a miscarriage, it can stimulate uterine contractions during late pregnancy. At this time, doctors may suggest that you encourage labor. Much depends on the child’s state and the mother’s desire.

41 weeks of pregnancy Ultrasound

At this time, an ultrasound exam may be needed to track the child’s condition. Your organs and systems were examined in detail before, the baby is fully formed. The bones of your skull protect the brain, and the connective tissue between them must remain flexible so that the child can easily pass through the birth canal.

Detailed video 41 weeks of pregnancy


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