40th week of pregnancy

40th week of pregnancy: fetal development, weight, movement

If your baby stopped safely and waited until the desired date, his length is 53 cm and the weight can exceed three and a half kilograms. Compared to last week, the diameter of his head increased slightly, to 93.8 mm, the volume of the breast and abdomen slightly, but also increased, 98.6 and 103.4 mm.

Of course, now he is cramped inside the womb, but his mother is still remembered with movements and movements. He has grown significantly, so it is hard not to notice them. And it is still important to count them. Because any deviation from the norm is an occasion to urgently consult a doctor. At stake is the health and life of the baby.

The main threat at this moment is the lack of oxygen. At this time, the placenta has thinned markedly, up to 34.3 mm, and what is worse, faces the obligation to provide the fetus with everything necessary and, first of all, oxygen. And the child feels it. In addition, the risk of infection increases: the protective barrier is reduced. And any infection can cause a similar one within the matrix. Therefore, you must be more attentive and careful than ever.

40th week of pregnancy: feelings of a woman

We went forty weeks. And you worry that the birth does not happen. Ask others what and how. And he cares if everything goes well and if a cesarean is needed at the last moment.

In the exam, the doctor indicates an increase in the tone of the uterus, slightly lifts the stomach, but no more. You feel light, even better than a month before. And you think, where are the contractions and other symptoms, the heralds of childbirth.

The movements of the child are quite tangible. You know, in the last three weeks, he has grown a little more and is overwhelmed by him. The movements of the child at the time of the contractions really decrease. And only between contractions can you feel their movements again. Occasionally, the doctor hears the sound of a baby’s heart.

Before giving birth, there is a desire to go to the bathroom more often. Partly because the pressure increases in the perineum. The result is pain in the genitals and lower back.

If this did not happen a bit earlier, there is a “plug” that covers the cervix. The cork resembles a lump of mucus. The cervix begins gradually, step by step, opens slightly. Births are just around the corner.

Sometimes, increased pressure in the veins can lead to the appearance of hemorrhoids. It causes pain and minor bleeding. However, both hemorrhoids and varicose veins are usually accompanied by pregnancy. First, due to the pressure of the uterus on the vessels and organs of women.

In the last two weeks, you may notice the appearance of thick discharge in the nipple. Simply, the mammary glands are ready to breastfeed, all this time in the body produced special hormones that are responsible for breastfeeding. These secretions of the mammary glands are nothing more than colostrum. It will be assigned the first three days after the child’s birth and then it will gradually become milk. For a baby, this colostrum is a concentrate of nutrients necessary for adaptation.

Sometimes, in the first days after the start of breastfeeding, cracks occur in the nipples and even mastitis when an infection is introduced into the breast. This is certainly painful. To avoid cracking the nipples, it is advisable to lubricate them after each feeding with calendula oil or a solution of vitamin E oil.

40th week of pregnancy: secretion of the genital tract

If, shortly before giving birth, there are white with pus or candidiasis in the discharge, urgent treatment is necessary. Any infection in the vagina can be a source of infection for the newborn. This treatment can already be taken at the hospital. This time until the birth will be under the supervision of specialists.

At the slightest bleeding and appearance of blood in the secretions of blood impurities, an ambulance should be called urgently. Except when the mucus plug leaves the cervix. Such a cork also comes out with impurities of blood. But it resembles a mucus clot.

In other cases, even if you do not feel any pain in the abdomen, any of these symptoms can cause a situation in which both the child and his mother may be in danger.

40th week of pregnancy: nutrition of pregnant women

If you have started the first contractions that say about the beginning of labor, do not forget to take everything necessary for the delivery in a hurry.

In addition to the documents and exchange cards, put water and cookies in the bag. Childbirth, and especially the first one, does not happen so fast: sometimes it lasts from 5 to 10-12 hours. And you may need to eat.

It is true, not everything is allowed. Because sometimes there is a need for surgery. And some products in this case are contraindicated.

In any case, if you know you have everything with you, somehow more calm. And there you will consult with the doctor.

Going to the hospital on an empty stomach is not worth it. Only for the energy you probably need. But do not let the food be too heavy. Barbecue on the eve of birth – not the best idea. Let them be cookies, cheese, sweet tea.

During strong contractions, you are unlikely to think about food. Because uterine contractions usually cause nausea. But you can drink juice or water.

And, of course, after giving birth, when you rest and recover your senses, it does not hurt to eat either. And, you can be sure, you will hardly want the first one, the second one and compote it immediately. Of force – broth or yogurt, sweet tea.

40th week of pregnancy Ultrasound

The image shows the head of a child and 98 mm. The child is completely formed. Perhaps after birth, the shape of the baby’s head will change slightly. The bones of the skull protect the brain reliably, but are able to deform to pass through the birth canal.

Detailed video 40 weeks of pregnancy


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