38th week of pregnancy

38th week of pregnancy: fetal development, weight, agitation

You may expect to give birth this week. Although nature knows better. The main thing is that at this moment your baby is already quite full. And it is believed that the birth took place in a reasonable time.

For week 38, as a general rule, the child’s weight already exceeds 3 kg. Although it depends a lot on the hereditary characteristics. The height is approximately 50 cm. At this time, the diameter of the head is already 91 mm, the volume of the breast and the belly – 95.3 and 99.3 mm, respectively. Now add to your usual parameters and the size of the fontanel – front and back. Therefore, they should be approximately 2.5-3 cm (front) and 0.5 cm (rear). And at this age, the baby’s head is only a quarter of the length of his body. At that time, as recently – almost half the length.

The subcutaneous fat layer already accumulated by the child, and the skin in some places can be covered with fluff, is called lanugo. Already, you can even notice the areola. The atria that consisted of cartilage became denser and the child’s feet found stretch marks. Approximately in the middle between the xiphoid process and the return is the umbilical ring. The genital organs develop.

The child’s reflexes also develop. And the first thing you can evaluate immediately is suck.

The placenta dries gradually and no longer receives blood so actively. On its surface begin to form similarities of a cyst. If before that its thickness increased constantly, as of this week it is rapidly decreasing. Until the end of the week – up to 34, 94 mm. In this sense, the fetus almost stops growing. At least not so fast now. Part of the reason for this is a decrease in the amount of nutrients that previously entered through the placenta. But now he is quite ready for the birth and just like you are preparing for the birth.

38th week of pregnancy: feelings of a woman

You live in standby mode. Now, especially not to the plans. All thoughts are centered on the next birth. And, tired of his clumsiness and discomfort, which constantly arises on the basis of pregnancy, already counts the days before the birth of the child.

You noticed that your stomach seemed to have dropped a little. If you’re right. It should be like that. This means that it remains well before the final advance. Now, the height of the lower part of the uterus begins to decrease, first at 34-35 cm. The pressure of the uterus on the diaphragm decreases slightly. You feel a little better

The head of the fetus moves gradually downwards. The first pains are felt in the pelvic region, the symphysis joint. Sometimes there is pain in the sacrum, caused by sciatica.

The mammary glands are poured, sometimes droplets of liquid appear from the nipples, this is colostrum. The veins in the chest become more visible, the nipples darken.

By the way, irritation of the nipples causes an increase in the tone of the uterus, and this can stimulate labor.

38th week of pregnancy: secretion of the genital tract

Continues to monitor the quality of the discharge to avoid any infection of the genital tract. Normally, the discharge has a slight sour smell and should be light. The excretion of mucus at the bottom of healthy secretions at this stage is normal.

But the bleeding can speak of a possible detachment of the placenta. Any pain at the same time only confirms this. Therefore, urgently call an ambulance. If not provided in a timely manner, the threat to the health of the child and the mother is high.

Similarly, an emergency call to a doctor is necessary in case you are released from amniotic fluid. Regardless of how this happens, in portions or in a moment. In this case, time is an important factor. In this case, the risk of infecting a child is very high.

38th week of pregnancy: nutrition of pregnant women

Preparing for delivery, it is worth adjusting the diet in such a way that it cleanses the intestines as much as possible. It is necessary to exclude from it rice, legumes, mushrooms, something that can cause constipation. Better to increase protein intake. First, it is dairy products, fish. Calcium and potassium, which you need now, are found in dairy products, eggs and broccoli.

Limiting water consumption is not worth it, but table salt is desirable. Only a little. The same products that you eat, you need to add salt a little less than usual. Or, when possible, replace the salt with soy sauce.

If you feel that digestion can not be normalized without a day of fasting, you can do it. The most important thing: you can not starve and concentrate, for example, on a single product during the day. Among the classic recipes – diet “kefir”, “apple”.

38th week of pregnancy Ultrasound

The baby spends his strength to maintain his body, so it is not possible to grow at a pace like before. For this date, your weight is at the level of 2800-3000 grams. Sometimes a little more or a little less. The length remains almost at the level of the last week, 49-50 cm. Your head is already significantly pressing the entrance of the small pelvis. He developed a swallowing reflex and now often breathes through his nose, rather than through his mouth, as before. Although the last weeks before giving birth are not easy for you and you can not wait until you see your baby, take a little more time. Then the lack of time will become a familiar fact to you. Especially, time for yourself. Postpartum depression can occur after childbirth. Knowing this, you will be ready to take it for granted and cope with it.

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