37th week of pregnancy

37th week of pregnancy: fetal development, weight, agitation

If your baby is waiting for the date of birth, know that it is still growing. And for week 37, you can easily reach three kilograms in weight and length up to 49 cm. Now he is trying to estimate the size of the baby’s head and now it is 89.4 mm. The chest and abdomen volumes are 93.8 and 97 mm, respectively.

You can be sure: your baby is ready for birth. Your digestive and respiratory systems are fully prepared to start working independently. The child has accumulated enough subcutaneous fat to maintain the temperature of his body. The skin smoothed and turned pink. The child’s bones have accumulated calcium, which ensures its strength and flexibility. The bones of the skull are able to protect the brain, while still being flexible enough to pass through the birth canal.

Surfactant accumulated during several weeks. A child’s lungs are developed and there are all the prerequisites for him to breathe safely. Before this, during the ultrasound examination, he noticed the respiratory movements that the child imitated. Although up to the present they have amniotic fluid. If meconium is detected in them, which should be released only after the birth of the baby, pulmonary infections that can cause complications are not excluded.

The child’s nervous system is also fully formed. In this stage, the nervous trunks are covered with a special sheath. This process is called myelination of nerve fibers.

The placenta is fading. Now its thickness is almost 35.22 mm.

37th week of gestation: feelings of a woman

As of this week, labor is no longer considered premature. Therefore, you can assume that the nine-month relay is almost past. You listen to your feelings and, in principle, do not notice any special changes compared to last week. All the same waiting period, which is periodically complicated by these or other unpleasant sensations in the form of acidity, constipation and own awkwardness. You have already understood what are the contractions of Braxton Hicks.

Continue to monitor the movement of the fetus. Due to the fact that during this period, everyone focuses on their feelings and is sensitive to the slightest changes in the child’s condition. If you have any questions, inform the doctor. Better be careful now.

By habit, you are already observing the weight, partly because you look enormous. In one week the increase is 150-200 grams. The uterus remains almost at the same level, although it will descend before birth. You already feel how the pressure has increased in the symphysis region, there has been a heaviness in the coccyx field.

37th week of pregnancy: secretion of the genital tract

All this time his discharge reflected the processes that took place in his body. With a decreased immunity exacerbated candidiasis. With the entrance of infections, the nature of the secretion changed immediately, and this made it possible, in the first symptoms, to eliminate the infection. You understand that now the purity of your birth canal is in part a guarantee of the child’s health. And this is the most important.

Do not be afraid if more mucus appears in the secretions. It is most likely that the discharge of the tube begins. Before that, it closed the entrance to the uterine cavity and protected the child from infection. Now the cervix can open. But even now one must be especially careful to avoid infection at this stage.

The blood in the secretion can speak of placental detachment. You and your child urgently need to go to the hospital. He endangered his life.

If you have noticed the discharge of amniotic fluid and there was pain in the abdomen or the first contractions, call an ambulance. At the same time, be sure to capture the documents (passport, insurance certificate), including your exchange card.

37th week of pregnancy: nutrition of the pregnant woman

Keep eating in the best possible way. It is clear that now all their organs and systems are subordinated to pregnancy, however, it is worth doing everything possible to keep them in good condition.

Therefore, let it be a complete nutrition that allows you and your baby to get all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Avoid spicy, salty, smoked. But, probably, you do not need to talk about that anymore. Heartburn, constipation, pain in the liver, mild swelling: all this forces you to control your diet.

Eat better more often, smaller portions. This will facilitate the digestion of food in the complicated conditions of late gestation. Dairy products or fermented milk, but preferably two hours before bedtime, will benefit you and relieve you of constipation. It is also a source of calcium. Unlike pharmaceutical vitamins, this calcium is easily absorbed in the body. It will take a lot of iron. It’s a lot in beef and pork liver, buckwheat.

Continue drinking enough water, without which normal blood circulation is impossible. Not less than a liter and a half per day.

37th week of pregnancy: preparation for childbirth

Naturally, the whole family is preparing morally for the birth. Especially If you decide a couple’s birth. Now it is better to spend time together, this way you will feel much safer.

Prepare a packet in advance with the things that will be needed in the hospital. If you chose a private clinic, specify in advance what you need to have with you, clarify the necessary details about the placement in the clinic, the delivery room. The necessary telephones must be on hand.

Try to relax and perceive what is happening with optimism. Even so, the birth of a child is a significant and important event in your life. Therefore, do not worry about the details, let everything continue as usual. In addition, fear and stress can adversely affect the child’s condition. The main thing is to maintain inner peace, as in a cartoon.

By the way, a few days before the birth, once again, you can read something useful about breastfeeding. Do you know that babies who are breastfed have better immunity? In any case, the midwife will tell you how to do it correctly in practice. Although often the baby is applied to the breast even in the delivery room, immediately after birth. By the way, this contributes to an easier delivery of the placenta.

37th week of pregnancy Ultrasound

At this time, it is important to follow the condition of the placenta and the location of the child. The decision about the need for a cesarean section, if any, often depends on this. It can determine the quality of the amniotic fluid, which can prevent the possibility of complications.

Detailed video of 37 weeks of pregnancy


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