36th week of pregnancy

36th week of pregnancy: fetal development, weight, agitation

Another week ago. The child’s body weight increases to 2800 grams, in length he manages to grow another centimeter with little. The volumes of the baby also became larger: diameter of the head of up to 87.7 mm, sinuses – 91.8, belly – 94.8 mm. Naturally, at this time one can judge the individual sizes of the child. In many ways, genetic factors are now guessed.

The boy was rounded, his skin smoothed. The original fat remained only in the belly and in the folds. Hair, eyebrows, eyelashes: everything was already formed, and even the color of the hairs on the head. One of the factors that determine the termination is the density of the cartilage. So in this period they have become much denser, the ear already has a complex structure.

The amount of movement of the baby must conform to the same standards as before: one or two movements every quarter hour. Although you think the baby has become calmer. The reason is that now it is simply tight in the uterus. For a long time it has been placed, since it will be more convenient for him to be born: go to the entrance of the basin.

36th week of pregnancy: development of the fetus The heart of a child fights with a frequency of 140 beats per minute. Vessels, the respiratory system is quite prepared for an autonomous existence. The substance that is necessary to fill the alveoli (surfactant) has accumulated in sufficient quantities.

But the placenta dries gradually. Its thickness has increased all this time, so now it reaches 35.59 mm. But he still performs his task, delivering nutrients and oxygen to the child. If the blood supply to the placenta is deteriorating rapidly, there is a risk that the fetus will lose oxygen. That is unacceptable, because it can even lead to his death. Therefore, it is important to constantly monitor the child’s condition by counting the movements.

36th week of gestation: feelings of a woman

Now it is not easy for you to get up and fulfill your usual obligations at home. Although do not get tired of repeating that pregnancy is not a disease, you understand that your possibilities at this moment are somewhat limited. For objective reasons.

You listen to your feelings and you are prepared psychologically and even wait for the birth. Even the fear of childbirth, which he noticed a month ago, is now fading away in the background.

It should focus on the fact that nature has thought of everything so that this long-awaited event is in accordance with the plan. However, now she knows a lot about natural birth and in the maternity ward, the staff is trying to create a relaxing environment so that she does not feel in the hospital. You know that during childbirths there may be a husband or a mother, someone close to you who you trust. Therefore, the feeling that you will be alone with fear will not arise. You are not alone And what will happen in the near future is natural and natural.

If you are worried about anxiety and insomnia, focus on something nice. Sometimes, a good movie, a book, only the support of loved ones helps. Being tired and exhausted now simply can not. Forces and courage that you probably need.

36th week of pregnancy: the sensations of a woman. Observe carefully if the swelling has increased. If they occur after walking or at night, this may not be cause for concern. If they increase and do not pass after rest, gestosis is not excluded. You can easily lift your legs: lift your legs slightly on a roller or pad. But with gestosis it does not help. And if you noticed this, immediately report your suspicions to your doctor.

Now it was difficult for the child to move. He is already tight. But ideally, the speed of movement he performs: no less than ten during the hours of the day.

Now often you notice that your hands or feet are numb, there are cramps. Withdrawing pain also causes discomfort. You should feel comforted by the fact that there is very little time left before birth. Due to the strong pressure of the uterus on the vessels, sometimes the hemorrhoids become more acute. You can handle this problem locally. The only thing would be better if the medication for local treatment is agreed with the doctor. Not all will get pregnant.

36th week of pregnancy: secretion of the genital tract

Blood in the discharge – in any case, requires an immediate inspection. Therefore, without delay, call an ambulance. At this time, any suspicion may entail a risk to the health of the fetus. Especially if it is accompanied by pain in the abdomen and lower back.

Similarly, the discharge or leakage of amniotic fluid. Distinguishing them from other secretions is not difficult. As a general rule, they flow in large or smaller volumes in the form of a watery, white or yellowish liquid. This must know the doctor.

36th week of pregnancy: nutrition of pregnant women

Now the active movements are beyond your power. If you go somewhere, not for long. Therefore, do not spend this time for food. Strong weight gain that now is not necessary. And although you should eat more often, let them be fewer calories than before.

The main thing is that it is rich in nutrients, because your child still needs them for its full development. And not only in the uterus. During the next months, your health still depends on you.

No matter how hard they try to surprise you, give up exotic products and not previously tested. It is possible that some of them cause allergies. It is better to suffer and restrict a verified list of your favorite fruits and vegetables. Once again, do not let yourself carry products in vacuum containers. Or check carefully the date of its manufacture. The same goes for raw milk and raw water. Be careful and careful.

36th week of pregnancy: preparation for childbirth

Is it possible to prepare for childbirth? Naturally these can be stretching exercises so that the ligaments of the pelvis become more flexible and prepared. Some advise to do a perineal massage, even with vegetable oils.

The body itself conducts such training under the guise of false fights. But unlike generics, they only pass and pass quickly.

36th week of pregnancy  Ultrasound

Interestingly, during this time her uterus has increased exactly twenty times. Your child continues to grow and gain weight. He has long held a position that remains unchanged until birth. Your skeleton is completely formed. The connective tissue between the bones of the skull will help to safely pass through the birth canal. The baby’s bones are also formed, but ideally they remain flexible enough to avoid injury during delivery. The movements of the baby can cause mild pain in the mother, especially in the lower part of the uterus and in the hypochondrium. Now in the image you can see well the arch of the foot and the heel. The depth of the foot is judged according to the degree of drowning of the child.

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