35th week of pregnancy

35th week of pregnancy: the development of the fetus, its weight, agitation

In a week your baby will be considered full term. But the remaining time continues to grow. By week 35, its height reaches 46 cm and its weight, from 2300 to 2700 grams. During the week, the diameter of the head increased by 1.9 cm and was 85.9 mm, the volumes of the thorax and the abdomen, also, to 89.1 and 92.4 mm.

Due to the increase of the subcutaneous fat, the skin of the baby is smoothed, although in the area of ​​the natural folds it is covered with lubricant. There are folds in the neck area, glutes, joints. All the organs and systems of the child are fully formed. One of the signs that determine the motherhood at term of the child is the striation of the feet. And on this basis, the child is also quite mature. The child’s hair has already gained color and continues to grow. It formed the iris. Sufficient surfactant has accumulated in the body so that the lungs open on the first breath.

35th week of pregnancy: fetal development In the intestines of a child, the original calories have accumulated. Ideally, it should be released after the child’s birth, after a few hours. During pregnancy, the presence of meconium in the amniotic fluid was seen as a sign of the child’s suffering, including the oxygen insufficiency of the fetus. If this happens, you may have problems with the child’s health.

The last weeks of pregnancy are characterized by the development of the adrenal glands. Your task is to produce the hormones necessary for the proper metabolism of salt and water in the body. And including the adrenal cortex stimulates the production of substances that the body needs during stress.

35th week of gestation: feelings of a woman

Week 35 The lower part of the uterus, as if the scenario had conceived it, is 35 cm from the pubic joint. The fetus has long since taken the position, head down. The head of the fetus is placed in front of the entrance of the pelvis. However, you continue to control their movements. This will allow you to get rid of doubts about your condition.

Infantile movements often respond in the hypochondrium. But the reason for this is the increase in the size of the child and the increase in the pressure of the uterus. To get rid of such unpleasant sensations, it is possible to lean to the side, in the opposite direction, in a hold of the breath. Try pulling the lateral muscles. Sometimes this is enough to eliminate painful spasm in the hypochondrium.

Now you are more likely to have false contractions. They are called Braxton Hicks contractions. They resemble a small spasm of the abdominal muscles and the uterus, and pass quickly. And only if the heaviness in the abdomen and lower back does not pass for a long time and the painful cramps are repeated, we can talk about the onset of labor. In this case, it is necessary to call an ambulance. The doctor must determine if it is still possible and necessary to postpone delivery until the scheduled date or the moment of truth arrives.

35th week of pregnancy: feelings of a woman. Let yourself be afraid, that now prompts you to bathe more often. The reason for this: the pressure of the uterus on the bladder. The only thing is to be careful not to lose the amniotic fluid. If you notice that you have a leak, you should immediately consult a doctor.

35th week of gestation: secretion of the genital tract

Now more mucus may appear in the discharge. The fact is that the uterus is now softening, the cervix opens a little. The mucus plug, which previously closed the entrance to the uterus, in the cervical canal, begins to separate. But all this should happen in the context of healthy secretions. As you remember, they must be homogeneous, with a sour smell.

The appearance of pus can indicate the presence of infection in the vagina. It is necessary to inform your doctor about this, because now for you the purity of the birth canal is one of the main concerns. After all, any infection can pose a threat to a newborn baby.

Blood appeared at hospital discharge. At this time, doctors in the maternity ward must deal with this problem. This may occur due to detachment of the placenta. The situation is complicated if it increases the tone of the uterus and the pain in the abdomen. Before the arrival of the doctor, it is allowed to take no-shpu.

If there was a leak of amniotic fluid, and there are no signs of an approaching birth, anyway, without delay, call the ambulance. Now the life of the child is threatened, since the risk of infection within the uterus is high.
35th week of pregnancy: nutrition of pregnant women

The basic rules that followed in the last two weeks are quite acceptable now. Avoid excess calories, let the food be simpler, but rich in minerals and vitamins. Now it is better to eat more often, but in small portions and avoid filling at night. The ideal time for dinner is two to three hours before bedtime. This will avoid unnecessary heaviness in the stomach and heartburn. At this stage it is advisable to drink alkaline mineral water more frequently. Reduces the acid content in the stomach.

Even so, the amount of water you consume should be enough, up to a liter and a half per day. Fresh fruits and vegetables are useful in this regard.

To avoid proeclampsia, your doctor may recommend that you take care of yourself, rest more. In some cases, depending on the condition of the woman, a cesarean section may be recommended even before the date of the start of the natural birth. One of the main reasons for this is the incorrect position of the child. But in case of doubt, nobody bothers to consult with several doctors.

35th week of pregnancy Ultrasound

Now your son is round and well formed. Due to the subcutaneous fat formed, your body becomes softer and the skin becomes clearer. We can say that now is a child with full rights, how you imagined it. His head rests on the placenta and, of course, comes closer to him in his small family world. Maybe that’s why his movements are not so active.

Detailed video of week 35 of pregnancy


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