33rd week of pregnancy

33rd week of gestation: fetal development, weight, movement

Now the child is forced to take the “germ form”. His head is slightly tilted towards the chest, arms and legs are pressed towards the body. Now he has become more and the place to stretch freely in his “house” is no longer enough.

Now take the position of the head towards the entrance of the pelvis, with the buttocks facing up. This is the normal situation for a child at this time. But also the breech presentation, when the baby’s head sits on the upper abdomen of the mother, the whole complexity of the situation is not a tragedy. Modern medicine allows you to deal safely with this problem.

In some cases, the fruit is transverse. And in this case, the only way to save the life of the mother and the child is a cesarean section.

33rd week of pregnancy: fetal development Although the ideal is that the child is not born yet, delivery at this time is permissible. And the baby has every chance of surviving. However, as in other similar cases, premature babies require special care, perhaps, and the contents of the box until it is strengthened.

In babies born in week 33, the cartilage is already more dense, the nail plate is practically developed. And even the heart is able to cope with the flow of blood. The alveoli in the lungs are already formed and, in principle, the amount of surfactant, a substance that does not allow the alveoli to stick together during the first breath, also accumulate in sufficient quantities. The length of the baby’s body is almost 44 cm. The volumes of the breast and the belly are 85 and 87.4 mm, the diameter of the head is 82 mm. It would look nice

However, it is believed that the birth of a child in week 33 is fraught with complications.

33rd week of gestation: feelings of a woman

The list of all kinds of sensations (alarming, pleasant and unpleasant) is very broad. First, you are thinking more and more about the next birth. You are tired of pregnancy and, at the same time, ready to postpone the final chord. Just because waiting and uncertainty scare you.

Second, he continues to worry about bowel problems: constipation, often heartburn, annoying spinal and abdominal pain are strenuous and alarming. At night, although less frequently, there are convulsions or numb limbs. To deal with this problem, you are actively taking calcium.

Sometimes in places with stretch marks in the abdomen there is itching. But you have adapted to facilitate your massage with a hard towel, a cloth made of luffa. Use creams Before leaving or going to the store, do not hesitate to put on a bandage. Although the doctor advises to take it at home.

Because of the big belly, which seems to be reaching the ribs, there is a feeling of lack of oxygen, shortness of breath. But it has adapted to this state and with the help of simple exercises: straighten the chest, then lift the shoulders up and get the oxygen that is missing in the lungs.

The lower part of the uterus falls a little after a month, at best, after three weeks. We will have to suffer.

Even if before this strong edema you had not noticed, now they can appear. After going to the store, you see the traces of Kant in your boats, traces of chewing gum from the shirt on the body. This does not mean that you should stop drinking water. In no case can this be done. But a little salt reduction can be useful.

Take the time to make unpretentious complexes for pregnant women. It could be yoga, shiatsu or something else. The most important thing: the exercises chosen correctly will help you prepare for the birth. In addition, the birth of a child is related not only to psychological stress, but also to physical stress. Your muscles and ligaments will enjoy the feeling that light stretching exercises give you.

33rd week of pregnancy: secretion of the genital tract

Try to take care of yourself with special care and avoid infections. For you and your baby, they would be out of place now. However, if you notice a purulent or abundant discharge, it is best to immediately consult with your doctor and obtain an emergency check-up. The birth canal must be clean. And if you get an infection shortly before birth, the time to recover from it may not be enough. Any germ can harm the baby even in the womb.

Bleeding, loss of amniotic fluid, pain in the abdomen: all these symptoms indicate the threat of premature birth or health problems in the child. So call an ambulance. Do not worry if that anxiety turns out to be false. Better be safe.

33rd week of pregnancy: eating pregnant

Do not know what discomfort brings heartburn. And now the slightest deviation from the regimen can cause heartburn. Naturally, it is most often caused by fried, smoked or very spicy dishes. Even if you only allowed yourself something from the forbidden list, heartburn can remind you of yourself. To get rid of heartburn, they say you need to drink milk or calcium (even the simplest calcium gluconate will work). As an option – drink some hot alkaline mineral water.

Naturally, special drugs are sold at the pharmacy. But still, when choosing a medication for heartburn, you should check with your doctor. Among the general recommendations, there are more frequent and smaller portions, try not to eat at night, for dinner choose replacement foods, whether fresh or steamed. And after lunch or dinner it’s better to walk a little.

33rd week of pregnancy Ultrasound

Now you want to look at the baby incessantly. If the doctor checks the condition of the organs and systems again, then it is more interesting to examine your baby. They say that by this time the child already has dreams. Research conducted by scientists measured the movements of students during a dream. You are considering his face, trying to guess who of you will look. The question of whom to wait for, a boy or a girl, has been resolved for a long time. The doctor answered this question unequivocally two weeks ago.

The placenta still performs the functions assigned to it: it protects the baby from the aggressive environment and transports nutrients along with the blood.

Detailed video of 33 weeks of pregnancy


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